Top athletic performance can not be achieved without top visual performance. Training specific visual tasks improves the guidance that athletes need. These essential functions should not be left up to chance. Athletes who have successfully completed sports vision training significantly out-perform those who have not.

Hitting a baseball is often described as the hardest single skill in all of sports. In Ted Williams' 1941 season, he hit .406, which means he still got out 3 out of 5 times he stepped up to the plate and he claimed to be able to see the spin on the ball the moment it left the pitchers hand.

Our baseball training program will help you keep your eye on the ball, recognize pitch types by
their spin, and help you better judge fly balls
and groundball hops.

Essential Skills

See what you are missing:

If you are experiencing any of the following, Valley Sports Vision can help.

  • Difficulty judging a fly ball.
  • Difficulty with overhead catching or tracking the ball.
  • Difficulty throwing the ball accurately.
  • Tired even though you're in good physical shape.
  • Difficulty adjusting focus from far to near or vice-versa.
  • Poor eye-hand coordination.
  • Difficulty reading the pitch.
  • Blurred vision or headaches.
  • Slow to react to fly balls, line drives or grounders.