Top athletic performance can not be achieved without top visual performance. Training specific visual tasks improves the guidance that athletes need. These essential functions should not be left up to chance. Athletes who have successfully completed sports vision training significantly out-perform those who have not.

Basketball requires a player to constantly change focus to judge the speed and direction of the ball. It also requires an enhanced level of concentration to see the rim even in traffic.

Quick and accurate saccades (eye movements) are required to survey the location and movements of the ball and the other nine players as well as the basket, boundary lines, and the clock.

Essential Skills

See what you are missing:

If you are experiencing any of the following, Valley Sports Vision can help.

  • Difficulty judging the height or the distance of the basket.
  • Trouble passing the ball accurately.
  • Maintaining an awareness of where you are on the court in relation to teammates and opponents.
  • Poor accuracy on free-throws.
  • Inconsistent play from game to game, or even shift to shift.
  • Trouble judging where the ball is in the air.
  • Poor eye-hand coordination.
  • Early fatigue is still a problem in spite of increased physical conditioning.
  • Slow to react to play development.
  • Problems with multi-tasking. Must come to a stop physically in order to process play development and make a reaction decision.
» sac┬Ěcades:
Here is the definition of saccades