Top athletic performance cannot be achieved without top visual performance. Training specific visual tasks improves the guidance that athletes need. These essential functions should not be left up to chance. Athletes who have successfully completed sports vision training significantly out-perform those who have not.

Playing the game of hockey at a high level requires intense concentration and constant awareness of what is happening around the player. A momentary lapse in focus could be the difference between a great save and a puck in the net in overtime.

Hockey is a sport of nearly continuous motion, by the players and the puck, so highly developed dynamic acuity is just as important as good static acuity.

Essential Skills

See what you are missing

If you are experiencing any of the following, Valley Sports Vision can help.

  • Poor shooting.
  • Difficulty in judging distances.
  • Inconsistent performance from one game to the next or even one shift to the next.
  • Problems staying focused, particularly in high pressure situations.
  • Trouble judging the position of the puck in relation to other players and their position on the ice.
  • Difficulties with making a precise pass when having to judge the speed and position of teammates.
  • Trouble tracking the puck over long distances.
  • Trouble making timely decisions and keeping up to the speed of the play.
  • Problems with multi-tasking. Must come to a stop physically in order to process play development and make a reaction decision.
» dy·nam·ic   a·cu·i·ty:
Here is the definition of dynamic acuity
» stat·ic   a·cu·i·ty:
Here is the definition of static acuity