The Valley Sports Vision Training Program

In athletics, the eyes lead the body and over 90 percent of what an athlete takes in is through their visual system. At VSV we work to maximize the athletes visual system so there is nothing left to chance when it comes to athletic performance.

We offer a system of technologies, products and programs designed to assess, analyze and improve an athlete's visual and sensory performance, that evaluates an athlete on 10 sport-relevant visual and sensory performance skills and we'll work with you to develop a custom vision training regimen that WILL improve your performance.

This screening represents only a small portion of what a total Sports Vision Assessment is designed to discover. A comprehensive vision examination along with a Nike Sports Sensory Test (Nike SST) at Valley Vision Clinic can help determine all the visual skill strengths and weaknesses that an athlete possesses by comparing the results to normed athlete data.

Once a sports vision assessment has been completed, a customized program and a sport specific traning regimen are designed to maximize visual performance. A sports vision training regimen takes approximately 6 weeks, 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes of intense eye-brain-motor activities with a certified sports vision trainer.

There are three levels of training used by VSV designed to build an athlete’s visual processing skills from the bottom up:

Pro Level

The Pro Level works on the athlete’s basic “hardware” visual skills improving the athlete’s initial input of information, which will decrease cognitive clutter and increase processing speed.

All Star Level

All Star level works on improving upper level “hardware” visual skills. The All Star level works to overload the athlete with information and sports specific tasks. All Star Level also includes customized sports specific drills mixed in the training regimen.

Legend Level

The Legend level works to improve the athletes “software” visual skills. The Legend level is more visual and brain stimulated which will allow the athlete to focus longer, make decisions faster, and visualize themselves making the big play.

Nike SST

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» Five Core Areas
visual acuity
depth perception
eye dominance
contrast sensitivity
glare performance