Over ninety percent of an athlete's performance is guided by their visual system. Sports vision involves the evaluation and treatment of an athlete's visual skills to enhance and improve his or her ability to excel in any chosen sport.

Top athletic performance can not be achieved without top visual performance. Training specific visual tasks provides the guidance that an athlete needs to be successful. These essential functions should not be left up to chance. Athletes who have successfully completed sports vision training significantly out-perform those who have not.

After completing the Valley Sports Vision training regimen you WILL

Baseball in motion
  • See more and react faster.
  • Increase your concentration and focus.
  • Track objects in motion more efficiently.
  • Make quicker and more informed decision.
  • Recognize and respond to visual cues faster.
  • Determine rotation and speed of moving objects.

How do we get you there?

Valley Vision Clinic doctors and staff have specialized training in improving sports vision performance and work closely with local athletic trainers and facilities. Each athlete will receive a complete visual and eye health evaluation which includes the Nike SST sport vision assessment series.